Wednesday, 14 November 2007

George Galloway MP - Respect Meeting at Marxism 2007

You only have to watch the first one and a half minutes to see what a dramatic u-turn Galloway has done since July. Incredible.


  1. Other than that though I have to say his speech is brilliant. He even seems to call for revolution at the end. Seeing this makes you realise what a shame this whole mess is.

  2. 'Without the SWP there would be no Respect and no UK anti-war movement'.. yep, that sure is some U-turn.

    He could not praise Michael Lavelette, Rania Khan, Lutfa Begum, and Salvinder Dhillon highly enough.. clearly, there was no hostility towards those who he now finds himself at odds with, in as recently as July '07.

    I liked the George Galloway that reserved his hardest punches for the establishment, the warmongers and the far-right. This new George Galloway who fights with his friends and comrades on the left is not the inspirational figure I used to know and love.

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