Thursday, 28 April 2011

Cornwall discusses fightback against cuts

Around fifty people came to the first public meeting of the Cornwall Anti-Cuts Alliance tonight in the Hall for Cornwall, Truro. The meeting drew people from all over Cornwall, from Penzance in the west to Rame, near Liskeard in the South-East, there were trade unionists, members of voluntary groups, retired people and concerned service users.

Steve Ryan, from the PCS spoke about the appalling situation in which £120 million in tax is either evaded or avoided and yet the department which would collect that tax is itself subject to cuts.

Josiah Mortimer, a student from Truro College spoke about how the group had been set-up by students in December as a result of their campaign against tuition fees and said he and other students would support the idea of a general strike.

Ian Williams from the NUT spoke about how there are attempts to co-ordinate strike action between the PCS, UCU, NUT and the ATL on 30 June and how this would put pressure on a weak government.

There were also speakers from UCU, GMB, Save Our NHS (Cornwall), the Volunteer Sector Forum, a student from Exeter University (Tremough Campus) and Rame Against the Cuts.

Speakers from the floor talked about the fact that nurses at Treliske Hospital may go on strike, the need for a new political party, the campaign to create a million climate jobs, and the need to build a mass movement to both defeat the government and make it impossible for any other government to make cuts.

The meeting passed a resolution to condemn the cuts, to campaign against them, to urge the government to instead crack down on tax evasion and avoidance and to call on the government to stop the privatisation of our public services.

The next meeting of the group is on Wednesday 4 May at the Railway Club, next to Truro Railway Station at 6:30pm.

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