Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Campaigners continue the fight to save the NHS

Around twenty people were out in Truro city centre on Saturday campaigning against the coalition government's Health and Social Care Bill. Cornwall Anti-Cuts Alliance and Save Our NHS (Cornwall) had originally organised a protest march to the surgery of local Tory MP Sarah Newton to hand in a petition but she insisted that only one person could come to her surgery and that if she was to accept the petition, it must be at her office outside the city rather than in the full glare of the public and media gaze.

Rather than accept Newton's attempt to avoid the publicity, activists used the occasion to collect more signatures and now have over 6000 from Cornwall alone. The national Save Our NHS petition has over 400,000 signatures. Despite the MPs stipulations, Cornwall Anti-Cuts Alliance members are determined to ensure that she will receive the petition in a time a place suitable to her constituents. Trying to make political capital out of attacking those that are trying to defend the services that she and her government are destroying is a very dangerous game. It may well backfire on her.

The next protest will be on the 4 June in Camborne. There will be a march and lobby of Conservative MP George Eustice. Assemble at Tesco car-park at 1:15pm.

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