Wednesday, 29 June 2011

30 June: live reports from the picket lines and rallies

Tomorrow 750,000 trade unionists are on strike across the country and thousands more are supporting them by visiting the picket lines and attending strike rallies in cities and towns up and down the country. For rolling coverage of the day's events see here.

This is a massive step forward for the movement against cuts in this country. In the autumn we are likely to see members of the four unions taking national action tomorrow, NUT, UCU, ATL and PCS striking again, potentially alongside the likes of CWU, FBU, Unison and even Unite. This is the kind of united fightback we need to stop the government in its tracks and even bring it crashing down.

Workers in Greece have staged a 48-hour general strike to coincide with a vote in the Greek parliament which agreed a further bailout package with more strings attached and more cuts and hardship for people in that country. Workers in Britain are no different from those in Greece. If they can do it so can we. Lets escalate the action and let the leaderships of all the main parties know that we will not allow them to make us pay for their crisis.

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