Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Bosses use jargon to mask their own failings

Have you ever noticed how bosses use jargon to both mask their failings and highlight yours?

The Delivery Office Manager of a Royal Mail Delivery Office was asked why a sorting frame that he had re-organised had mail slots on the very top of the frame above head height contrary to health and safety procedures.

His response? "I am aware that it is non-compliant but it is D-Day and I had to act".

Translation: My boss insists I re-organise the frames by today but I have not taken, or do not have, the time to do the job properly, so you have to suffer because of my/my boss's incompetence.

When asked why, on another frame, addresses which had been in the correct order were now in the wrong order, the same manager replied, "we are having problems with sequencing".

Translation: I messed it up and put them in the wrong order. Sorry about that.

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