Friday, 22 July 2011

Make the bankers pay!

Banks have been in the press this week because the Office for National Statistics have revealed that bankers have received £14bn in bonuses this year. This is a fact that should and will make people very angry.

At a time when the NHS and many of our schools are being privatised, people are facing pay freezes, redundancy or being moved on to lower benefits or off benefits altogether and there are cuts to almost every public service, this is an utter scandal. Ordinary working people are clearly being made to pay for the crisis caused by the banks, while the bankers continue to rake in the money. "We" are not "all in it together".

Penwith Anti-Cuts Alliance are planning a campaign to highlight this obscenity. They will use the figure of £14 billion as a starting point for a leaflet, which will be a bank note with information on bankers' bonuses and tax evasion on one side. On the other will be the ‘alternative’ which will be how many nurses, teachers, fire engines, care homes, schools etc we could pay for with the £14 billion which has just been given to bankers.

On 30 July members and supporters of Penwith Anti-Cuts Alliance will meet outside the HSBC bank at the bottom of Causeway Head in Penzance at 10am. They will give out ‘money’ (leaflets) from bags to passing people. They will hold up a banner to highlight the issue. They will then move down the street stopping outside Lloyds, Santander and Barclays. Other groups and individuals are welcome to join in.

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