Saturday, 16 June 2012

Banking system beautifully explained by 12-year old

Victoria Grant, a 12-year old from Canada has given a lecture to the Public Banking Institute in Canada. In it she explains how the banking system works and how it is robbing Canada, and of course the rest of the world, of its money. In 6 beautiful minutes she succinctly puts what most economists could not explain in a lifetime. She says "we are being defrauded and robbed by the banking system and a complicit government".

Although her recommendations would improve the situation it is not, on its own, the answer. There is a much deeper exploitation of workers at the heart of the way capitalism works.

Nevertheless this is wonderful to watch. Although her father helped her to find some of the material, the lecture is, apparently, all her own work, the result of her own independent study. To see a 12-year old lecturing grey suited, balding old men with their ties done up to eleven at an institute of banking is truely wonderful.

There is also a fantastic interview with her here, where she says we should "throw the corrupt bankers and politicians in jail".

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