Thursday, 11 October 2012

Cornwall Council cabinet retreat to bunker over privatisation plan

The issue of the Tory-led cabinet of Cornwall Council and their plan to privatise council services has reached absurd proportions. As I have said before "These plans are devastating for Cornwall and will hit workers and users alike. It is also a shocking indictment of a council leadership that has no respect for democracy or the wishes of ordinary people. They must be defeated."

Since then the petition against the plan has received 6000 signatures, meaning there will be another debate at full council on 23 October. It was also announced that Tory leader of the council Alec Robertson would face a vote of no confidence the week before on 16 October. Following these announcements, Alec Robertson said here that he would abide by any decision taken at that meeting. However, many councillors are sceptical about Robertson's position and believe it is an attempt to make Tory waverers come into line and support him.

Then a few days ago the deputy leader of the Council, Tory Jim Currie, an opponent of the plan announced he was resigning from the cabinet. It is unclear whether this will make other Tories more or less likely to back Robertson at the vote of no confidence or whether Currie is himself poised to take over as the leader of the council.

Kevin Lavery the CEO of the council has written a book on how to privatise services. Clearly the issue is not going according to plan.

It is vital that as many people as possible protest outside the meeting to give steel to those waverers that need to vote to remove Robertson. Whilst I would never encourage anyone to vote for a Tory, the hope of the Liberal Democrat, Mebyon Kernow and non-cabinet Independent councillors must be that Currie becomes the new leader and scraps these plans.



Tuesday 16 October

Outside County Hall


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